Message from the Chief

Message from the Chief of PoliceChief Charles F. McCormick IV

"The City of Monroe’s, Department of Public Safety - Police Department, is committed to building relationships with the community of Monroe, while providing the highest level of service to keep our citizens safe. As the Chief of Police, I will continue our on-going efforts with the community in order to maintain and build public trust.

Community policing is at the heart of our organization and is emphasized at every level. Our community partnerships are established through the daily efforts of our officers and support staff to maintain the confidence of those we serve. Our agencies top priorities for its members are to foster relationships through dignity, respect, and to solve neighborhood problems.

Policing in the 21st century has dramatically changed and the movement towards technology and better police practices has increased throughout the country. The Monroe Police Department is dedicated to reaching the highest standards of professionalism through policies, procedures, training and technology. We are committed to providing our officers with the tools necessary to do their job more safely and effectively.

The mission of the Monroe Police Department is to protect the freedom and safety of the citizens of Monroe and its visitors by preventing crime and disorder and ensuring the safe and efficient flow of traffic.  The members of the Police Department shall carry out this mission in a fair and unbiased manner that respects the rights of the individual and encourages an open partnership with the law-abiding citizens of Monroe.

Our approach to policing generally adheres to Sir Robert Peel’s Nine Principles of Policing.

Lastly, I am excited about the future of the City of Monroe’s Department of Public Safety and dedicated to our unwavering promise to keep our community safe while maintaining the trust of our citizens." 

Charles F. McCormick IV

Chief of Police